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In 2003 lowlife video had a vision to create a video like no other. With influence from 411 and Thrasher, Mike was inspired to bring “lowlifevideo” into Mini Truckin. He saw a need across the country. From late nights building trucks until the early mornings, friendships that have turned into families, the road and hotel life we accepted just so that we could see our friends across the world and their new crazy creation. Someone needed to capture the history we were missing out on! With the passion for both our custom life and Mike V’s passion for media, lowlifevideo was created into the reality it is today! With the help and support of many, for years now, lowlifevideo.com has been producing some of the most epic behind the scenes footage in the history of MiniTruckin. I am sure you have a story or two to tell! Guess what! We want to hear it!

Here is better news, we are going to get even deeper in our custom scene with what you are about to see in the next few months as we head into 2018! Stay tuned for exclusive interviews, giveaways, events and so much more!

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